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Welcome to the world of POETIC SCENE, the place where you will find poems written by me, Gerald G. Morrison. First I do thank my Mighty Creator for such a wonderful gift of expression and the many wonderful friends for the encouragement to continue with my poetic growth. Poetry is my life-giving blood to my inner person. It is also a gift that I would love to share with you the reader.


    It is the joy when I hear you sing the Universal Love songs daily.
    I am honored with such unique beauty that my tears of happiness flow freely.
    Your care requires my true and complete attention as your scent enhances fully.
    The pleasure I have to observe how profoundly you sweet flowers bloom with grace.
    To walk among you as the realness of your souls shine beyond any means known.
    Oh, my sweet Roses the depth of colors along with pleasant scent continues to be in awe.
    I ardor the richness of the Lilies as the Fountain of Love is dressed so finely with you.
    Still, I continue to be amazes with such varieties that your sweet scents mix well in love.
    Yes, the Dark Purple Morning Glory voice bring forth special feeling within my soul.
    Breathtaking Orchids your trueness along with excited fragrances captures my heart beat.
    Flowers, Flowers and Flowers so sweet you and I live in a world that proves to be a treat.
    Mountain of Love dressed with your attractiveness as news spread while love grows.
    Come all those hurting and needing encouragement to reach that Universal Love flow.
    I, Zen Master of Love from my paradise home am delighted to observe your sweet glow.

    Poetic food awaits you please click on the links located on the sidebar and do enjoy the poetic feast.

    Gmorrison, (2003 - 2006)

  • Last Update: November 23, 2005