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Part 7
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My Poetry - Part 6


Man’s timepiece clicking within judgment.
Yes focus only from his selfish prospective.
Universal Thought moves far beyond.

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Dressed in black he walked stately in manner.
Passing all his subjects and to give his noble nod.
Sir Goth how are you doing this fine day I say sir?
Sir Goth responses I am doing very well my dear friend.
He passed me walking about his kingdom of Philomath.
Cars, trucks and even bicyclists acknowledged his presence.

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I’m with my beautiful flowers caressing them.
They have many questions regarding my journeys.
Perfume Delight is playing jazzy music coolly.
My lavender flower asked: What is it like loving women’s minds?
Without me batting an eye I said it is like a breath of fresh air my flower.
I have the ability to reach within the realm of their hurts and to pull it out.
My golden flower asked: Why is your approach so smooth with women?
I’d said for I’d think and feel just like women feel that way I’m not a threat.
Our conversation continued through the day when an alert within me went off.
Perfume Delight said: Master, are we to go now to help another woman in need?
Yes I said but let’s allow the spirit of my flowers to witness first hand our work of helping.
Excited were my entire beautiful flowers in preparing themselves for this educational trip.
Now I said: My sweet flowers please do observe everything with your sharp eyes and ears.
Please take noticed how tenderly I’d treat God’s creatures to relieve their painful hurts.
Yes watch as their spirits will response to me my dear flowers for universal love is the key.
Finally we’re off from my mountain top of love to that all important task of helping a person.
Oh we do see a young lady crying her soft tender heart out begging and begging why?
Slowly I’d walked up and said: My dear sweet flower why do you hold so much pain?
She looks up with shock and said “Oh my God it’s you!” “You’re the Zen Master of Love!”
Yes I’m the Zen Master, what I can do for you my sweet tender flower crying in pain.
Oh Master the man I love does not love me after all the wonderful things I have done.
Yes I see my sweet one you have made many attempts and yet he does not acknowledge.
You, such the beautiful flower need to let go and learn about the real you coming alive.
You thought that womanhood would be an easy process yet you have learn it’s not so.
Young boys and even men will make the attempt for sure to taste the essence of you.
The part of you undeveloped yet cries out loudly wanting to be loved forever and ever.
Physically you look tasty that men and boys do take notice talking about whom shall it be?
Mentally you could even fake yourself and them into readiness that could expose you.
Spiritually my tender flower you are not ready for I the Zen Master know this to be true.
Take the time to learn about you completely for your standards need to be developed.
Start talking with the older women about the process of life as a young woman, my flower.
Many prime examples when searching for spiritual guidance for our Savior is close by.
I’d kissed her as a father to his daughter and said I must go now my dear sweet one.
My love for you will guide you in peace my young sweet beautiful flower as you learn life.
Your day will come when your Nubian King will see and love you endlessly my sweet one.
All my flowers listen and I felt the tears flowing from their eyes such a happy moment.
A flower said: Master, your heart is truly gold for the love you showed is genuine.
We love you Zen Master of love you gave us something to think about for ever more.

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Majestic trees and plants sway.
Everyday their songs they sing bring glory.
The wind hollers amen constantly

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