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Part 24
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My Poetry - Part 23


Linger over the Los Angeles basin.
Quite the mixture as they form their assault.
Hillsides now slide down as clouds continue to cry.
As sparks of pure energy flashes across the sky with authority.
One can only do is seek cover as clouds mount its offensive.
Something so gentle yet when it is time to flex its muscles does pack a punch.

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I have seen life from so many levels.
Yes even walked various roads to reach manhood.
From my journeys and trials a spiritual person is the goal.
The world of today is so far from enlightenment and truth.
As massive struggles with senseless killings escalates daily world wide.
Just imagine this was foretold so long ago that we see it unfolding now.
We have been forewarned for II Timothy 3rd chapter paints a very clear picture.

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It is sad to see children handicapped or for that matter killed.
Opened fields loaded with landmines due to self-defense strategies.
You major producers, blood-guilt is mounting daily against you!

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World events are moving at a rapid pace.
Biblical forecast are playing its last bit of thread.
Cries world wide are heard as heartfelt questions are being asked!

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