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Part 22
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My Poetry - Part 21


When it comes to the road of life the adventure proves difficult.
Despite one's training and rising up, a wide opened door has many options.
It is the experience that can either engulf you or enlighten you to glory.

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That special feeling inside of me brews reaching to a unique surge.
Expressions are in full force while words are dancing to the universal tunes.
Then I compose it plus share it with others as they reactions are overwhelmed.
I see their third eye area as there is a glow that implants that special impression.
Some are left speechless while others just stand and allow their tears to flow, freely.
I treasure the moment with all my heart and soul for the gift given is truly a blessing.

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My realm of thinking involves the surroundings from various encounters.
I observe as well as interact while the poetic words are doing the unique flow.
Just like a beautiful flower from the Garden of Love the words do sing glorified.

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High up in the Mountain of Love sweet sounding voices echoes throughout.
Oh my sweet flowers along with your scent your musical spree is blissful.
Especially on a full-moon night, the heavenly stars just spark with colorful lights.
On my Chariot of Love, I am encouraged with your chanting as I go to help another soul.

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