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Part 21
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My Poetry - Part 20


Just like other prime examples in history mankind proves truly lost.
Current civilization flows downward as the clock ticks and ticks.
With advanced warning most choose not to heed the alarm, history reveals the rest.

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Imagine at this very moment words are alive flexing their energies.
Carefully, place the surge of impact at the doorway of your thought-processes.
Then it grabs and pulls you as if walking you through the rain ever so gently.
Totally wet you feel the power boiling within you to relive that unique moment over.

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From my dream-state, the stars in the heaven are blissful.
My poetic mind is taking flash shots of unique galaxies while passing by.
Then reveal the Picturesque Masterpiece, the canvas of true brush strokes of glorious hue.

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Spring has given you the unique flavor that freshness flows.
It is nice to walk among the flowers to see the softness display so sweetly.
Gently morning breeze picks up the scent of various flowers as I close my eyes in delight.
Quietly, saying thank you as the voices of the beautiful flowers sing about universal joy.

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