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Part 19
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My Poetry - Part 18


I feel as if in a movie, now I that am back in LA.
People, cars and so forth is like a raceway going.
With it so is time for the end of month came and gone, wow!

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Everywhere we look unrest is into full swing and going.
The stresses of life have increase that people are walking mad.
Yet the push continues as the race moves into another dimension.
The time for those relaxed moments is losing ground fast my friends.

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Ever wonder if there is a place to relax to release tension.
Is your spiritual eyes opened and have you notice the fire?
Noticed the soft music playing within you or do you ignore it?
There is a calling and even nature responds but man is another factor.
We made in the image of the Greatest Force not in tune with the groove.
Stop and observe this unique calling for it is playing a soulful tune.

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Creative matters amass and ready for its directive.
Words go through its routine, muscles flexing and strong.
Finally, the time is primed and the execution proves profound.

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