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Part 15
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My Poetry - Part 14


My feelings became excited as I learned the painting trade.
The essence of holding a paint brush proved to be my extension.
To watch the flow of the paint brush as my mind created movement.
Step by step the paint brush and I became a universal flow that lead to beauty.
Other tools of the trade enhanced my love to make nothing into an art of prettiness.
Twenty-eight years of devotion then opened another door to a prime refined value.
Gripping a pen felt like a brush as my mind wandered far beyond my realm.
Words became alive with power as my person could feel the spirit within me.
Saying in my dreams: "Express my dear son show the world my power!"
Now the flow of poetic art reaches farther and wider in Jah's starry yonder.

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Is not about the local territory for it is far more reaching.
In fact their colors are red white and blue with stars.
All across this big rock their hold is very direct and profound.
UG's come together making sure their money is flowing tight.
When problems occur UG's got their backup with badd weapons of choice.
It's about keeping their game on the one and do believe that's for real.
Those who supposedly crossed this crew paid a gall awful price.
Watch your backsides, if you have something of value check out their schemes.
Yeah the UG's want all it can get and then some by any means necessary.

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Small Universal Flames are spreading its assaults now.
Before you, mankind will take notice Jah's work already started.
Universal Flames are under His power you have not the energy to extinguish.

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Remind me of a faint smell of pleasure.
The sun's rays brought forth the richness of this flower.
Gentle winds provide the musical groove for the sway.
Her slow dance in the field gave life as others looked on.
Sweet passion of energy overtook us all her statue proved elegant.

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