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My Poetry - Part 1

My Window

It is my stream to the universal path.
I lay in bed at night in a quiet meditated state.
My window is open as I listen to the songs.
Plants and wind continue to sing faithfully their tales.
In unison they announce glory to the Mighty One for life.
I look up at tiny bright stars sparking as backup singers.
With agreement and my heart’s mind hears a voice speaking.
Yes you my son I should impart the gift of poetry to you for others.
That they will reflect on the words read or spoken knowing its power.
Sleep now with peace for you will record the words I have spoken.

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Love Rehearse

Jah’s only true purpose for us is to reflect on his universal likeness.
No other alternate can match up or surpass this godly quantity.
Yes mankind’s has tried but only created avenues of selfishness.
Greed, mankind shortness continues to show path of destruction.
Wars are in no means love as people in pain lose their love ones.
Now is the time to stop and reflect on your own as to the path to take.
The day is coming where universal love will prevail over all make believe love.

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Reside in your trueness of consciousness.
Yes colors are vibrant and sounds are explicit.
As to the taste and feel have you so much at awe.
That special unknown person in this state wants you.
The smell of their fragrance has all your senses on alert.
For you to resist this sexy moment in time proves useless.
To touch, to kiss and taste that special person is your quest.
The sexual action becomes very hot and intense as you awaken.
Out of breath looking around in the dark sweaty saying aloud: WOW!

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Deep I am in a peaceful sleep dreaming.
I am walking that golden path to that known place.
Stepping up to that last golden step I hear a soft voice.
Gerald it is not the time for you please go back now.
My body feels this falling sensation with intense unreal pain.
As my keeper of my soul announce to everyone: Leave me alone.
Yes my lady along with Richard and unknown folks wanting to help me.
The impact from the fall I’m bleeding from biting my tongue and dazed.
Just saying to everyone let me go back to sleep so as to find out when is my time.

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