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My name is Gerald George Morrison; I was born in Los Angeles California in the year of 1954. I grew up in South Central Los Angeles where the action was always in the mix of police and crime. I attended predominant considered black schools until reaching high school which was at that time 95% Jewish. That was the time my mind opened up to see the other side of life.

1973 I graduated and a year later move to Portland Oregon applied to the Painters Apprenticeship program. At that time I was the second black man to go through the program in Portland’s history. Union contractors in that city tried everything to keep me from making the grade as a professional painter, but what helped me was the man named Wally Lloyd, the coordinator of the apprenticeship program. It was his encouragement that kept me going and resisted all the racism I faced everyday. Finally in 1978 I received my journeymen status as a painter. From that point I moved up and down the west coast learning all that I could as a painter.

In the early 80’s I found Venice California the place to live and enjoyed the adult Disney Land. When not working I learned how to dance on roller skate and played as an extras in movies being filmed in Venice. I took up private classes in acting and worked as an actor in stage, television and film talking about having fun.

I’d even try my hand at painting on canvas and discovered the talent for it is there. My favor artist of all times is Pablo Picasso, just loved how he would mix colors to create those beautiful abstract paintings. In doing abstract painting I found locking myself in my apartment for seven to ten days creating my own master piece. As I got good at it I was invited to display my works at an art show in Beverly Hill, quite the honor to have and only been painting for six months.

In 1985 my world turn upside down for my father passed away and I felt so emptied, yet what eased my mind was a voice coming into my head saying: “Gerald I now know you are truly my son and I will be with you always.” From that point I needed to go my father’s birth place in the country of Jamaica to see his mother my grandmother. Upon stepping off the plane onto Jamaica soil I felt at home as missing so much despite this was my first time. My grandmother cried and laughed at the same time as she saw me for the first time. I met uncles, aunts and cousins besides learning more family’s lives in England and Ireland. I’d hated to leave this beautiful island to come back to America because it did not feel like home to me anymore. Two years later I came back to Jamaica and almost stayed but my inner-self said it is time to go for there is work to be done.

I stay in Venice California for another 4 years then moved to Eugene Oregon and a year later decided to attend Lane Community College. This is where my poetic birth came into play. Took a poetry class and the assistant to the instructor just loved how I expressed myself. It is from that point I wrote something everyday even if it didn’t make any sense. 1995 I graduated from LCC and then applied to Linfield College the Harvard of the west coast. Social Behavioral Science is my major and discovered that the study helped me to write poetry. Also what helped was the internet as I’d search for a place to post my poetry. First place was where there are over hundred poems posted, along with received the Pinky Award for my contribution to poetry. If you would like to read any of my works my name there is Jerry8688.

Finally I found a place to which I called home where my people could read and reflect on words written for our culture. To my surprise I took a look at Mr. Africa Poetry Lounge and posted my works there too. Calvin T. Adams ||| made every effort for me to continue to post more of my works at his site. So both and or better yet now is the places where I post my works. Also I’m about finished with my very first book entitled “SEA OF LOVE.”

In the mean time I read as much as I can and leave very positive comments for other poets so as to build their talent. I find that to be very important because we as a culture have met every challenges and not at our choice. So here a place to relax, to express feelings or even ask for advice for I am here for you.

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